I truly enjoyed it and would love to do more. I’d try to catch a sunrise or a sunset there if you can. Those looking for a motorcycle rental for Route 66 might check out Eagle Rider and Ride Free. I’d love to attach a few of the hundreds of photos I took when we did the trip in our Corvettes. . Honey and maple syrup can increase your triglyceride levels, too. As for a detour the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona with the Blue Mesa area where you can do a walking/hiking trail and see the different layers of rock colours took my breath away. Will not be leaving OZ without this. Of course, if you make any detours or deviations from the route, this will likely add to your overall mileage. Yes, of course, back then it was just a highway and it would not really become famous from the songs and TV show until later. Mileage: ~ 139 miles (224 km) Alternatively, it is ~ 165 miles (265 km) following the pre-1937 alignment from Albuquerque or it is ~ 224 miles (360 km) if you are coming from Santa Fe following the pre-1937 alignment (join regular route at Correo). The radios in the rooms are a nice touch to the 1940’s/1950’s theme. While the scenery can be a bit dull at times, there is still much to see and do along this stretch. And I see you guys answer everyones questions with lots of tips. Our small cone is approximately 5oz for comparison purposes. We are going to make our way into Chicago and then follow the mother road to the Grand Canyon, stay for a few days and then continue on to the end of the route. Those wanting to explore St. Louis in more depth might want to overnight there instead of Sullivan tonight. Best, Jessica, I seriously think you have outdone yourself with this intense itinerary! Feel free to follow-up if you decide to drive Rte 66 and we are happy to help you if you plan a Route 66 road trip! Hi! Do I agree with it all? Big City Avoider Section: Some people drive Route 66 to escape the cities and want to avoid the big cities along the route and focus on the smaller cities and towns. Has anyone worked out how much petrol you would use driving an RV? Absolutely the best trip of my life and a dream come true. They offer a number of tour options and you can purchase your tickets in advance online if you want. On some days we have an alternative starting and/or stopping point for those preferring a shorter route or secondary Route 66 alignment. Many of these suggestions are taken from recommendations we got from using the Route 66 Dining & Lodging Guide compiled by the National Historic Route 66 Federation which is sadly no longer being published. After completing your epic road trip, you might want to relax at the beach (the Santa Monica State Beach is convenient next to the pier as one option), enjoy a celebratory lunch or dinner, explore the many attractions in and around Santa Monica and Los Angeles, or head to the airport or train station to head back home. Note that some places take cash only, so it is always a good idea to keep some money on you. See below suggestions. – A well-reviewed chain hotel with a free continental breakfast and Route 66 theme. Note that many states do not allow riders/passengers in travel trailers, so I would be sure to check each state law in advance if anyone is wanting to ride in the trailer. Motel has received some mixed reviews in recent years. Below is some basic information about how to get to Route 66, where to rent a car for the drive, and how to figure out how long it will take you to drive Route 66. No big cities along the route today, although San Bernardino has a population of over 200,000 people. There is a historical downtown and the, (displays an astonishing number of historical firearms and weapons!) The Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park (its official name) is one of several parks in that region, so if you are going up there you may want to visit another one as well. But if you are looking for a more scenic route off the highway, you could also depart from several places betweeen St. Louis and Springfield, MO and head through the Ozark National Forest. Also, feel free to report back with any new discoveries you find on your trip and let us know if anything may have closed/changed if you use our itinerary. Enterprise will also drop you off or pick you up which we often find helpful. avocados and not avacodos!!! Feel free to reach out once you are planning your trip with any questions. If you are detouring to Las Vegas, Nevada or Joshua Tree National Park, you’ll want to head off there along today’s route. If you have any specific questions as you plan your route, just let us know! It just may take some time! But we hope this will be helpful to you as you plan your Route 66 adventure and take your trip!! Time Zone: Central Time Zone – no changes today. Thanks again for sharing your memories of Route 66! If you enjoy photography we also have a Route 66 photo essay series. Note that parking can be an issue and that parking overnight in Chicago will generally cost between $30 to $50 per day, so if you want to spend a few days in Chicago you may want to wait to pick up a car until you are ready to start your road trip. Actually the Flamingo is one of the more historic hotels in Las Vegas and also a good budget one on the Strip. Then once you have an idea of how much time you want to spend driving each day, you can then make a rough estimate about the amount of time you’ll be stopping each day (attraction visits, photo stops, restroom breaks, food stops, walking tours, etc.). Pre-1937 Route 66 Option through Santa Fe to Albuquerque: Post-1937 Route 66 Option to downtown Albuquerque: West of Clines Corners at Exit 203 there are the remains of Longhorn Ranch which was a tourist compound with a motel, gas station, museum, restaurant, etc. Starting & Ending Point: Springfield, Illinois to Sullivan, Missouri, General Route:  Springfield –> Staunton –> Edwardsville –> St. Louis –> St. Clair –> Sullivan. Should I Plan my Route 66 road trip in advance? There is so much wonderful Americana along this route, and I hope people will read this post and go visit. Each year (typically in late April or May) the. I also added in the hotels/motels we would like to stay at. Lots of great potential stops! It was a Bucket List thing for us and we have had a blast and compiled so many memories and photos! 4 weeks would also allow you to do more detours and you can easily spend 2-3 days each at a few of the detours to places like the Ozarks, Grand Canyon, and/or Las Vegas. All readers are encouraged to go to a Weight Watchers meeting for actual Weight Watchers information. Other information you’ll obviously need is the fuel efficiency of the RV you rent. Your input would be much appreciated. The official starting and ending points for Route 66 are a bit confusing as they changed over time and there are now one-way eastbound and westbound lanes making it even more tricky. Sounds like you have been having a great time over the last couple of years exploring different section of Route 66. Yes, I think if you have more limited time, there will also be some things you will need to leave out. Los Angeles has dozens of cultural attractions such as the, If your travels are taking you further afield in. Prices of fuel change regularly so I’d check now and then again before your trip to see if you’ll need to adjust your budget. If you don't see the confirmation e-mail, please check your spam folder. This can vary greatly by model. – One of many options for a good-value stay in Tulsa with breakfast. Several of the Route 66 era motels are still operational, so there is no reason to have to stay in a chain hotel here. Another popular attraction in Gallup is the small Navajo Code Talker’s Room within the Gallup-McKinley Chamber of Commerce building which tells the story of how the Navajo language was used to beat the Japanese code breakers during World War II. We recommend using Motorhome Republic to check on RV rental prices as they can compare prices across the major RV rental firms in the USA for the dates you want to do the trip. So I would definitely look into state laws for each of the 8 states as each state has different rules. Depending on time and where you live in NC, you may want to head east from St. Louis (a great ending I think to Route 66 if you can’t make it to Chicago) and maybe drive home via Lexington and Louisville in Kentucky, and then head a bit south to Daniel Boone National Forest, Knoxville, and Pigeon Forge if any of those places are of interest to you and your daughter. You are better off parking and walking around in the central downtown area rather than trying to drive. It would be nice to gather them for piecing together a video trip in the early days…………Roger H. of St. Clair, Michigan. If you are looking for a lower budget option I’d check, Route 66 Itinerary Day 3: Sullivan, MO to Carthage, MO, This morning we recommend visiting Meramec Caverns in, The water tower with “Bourbon” written on it in, If you want to see more caves (Missouri is known as the “Cave State” and has over 6,000 of them! You could also pop over to Sandusky, Cedar Point, & Put-in-Bay. Glad you enjoyed our Route 66 itinerary – we also have an article on planning your Route 66 trip that may also be helpful to you if you haven’t already read it. Living in Chicago, you are definitely in the right spot to make this iconic drive! ¡Hola! Flagstaff is the largest city today with a population around 75,000 which you can take the Interstate through if you wish to skip exploring it. The official starting and ending points for Route 66 are a bit confusing as they, Chicago –> Joliet –> Pontiac –> Bloomington –> Lincoln –> Springfield, If you are wanting to avoid big cities on your trip, you might want to skip Chicago and some of its urban and suburban sprawl. For those who want a short first driving day or will be getting a late start we also provide suggestions for Pontiac below. The really big ones include Chicago, St. Louis, Tulsa, and Los Angeles, but some may also want to avoid cities like Oklahoma City and Albuquerque. This is an incredible post! Whether you are an Old West lover, Cars films admirer, culture seeker, or photographer, you should be able to find a section that is well-suited to a shorter itinerary. Thank you! Note that parking space is limited in Santa Monica and parking fees normally range between $25 to $45 per night at most hotels and parking structures in this area (we note a few lodging options with free parking). Hi Emily, Hope you get a chance to drive Route 66 soon, and do let us know if you have any questions once you get to the planning stage! So if starting in Chicago, I’d suggest maybe doing the itinerary to Albuquerque. Tucumcari and Williams stood out for me. It is about 4.5 hours from St. Louis to Graceland and then about 6 hours from Graceland to Tulsa or 7 hours to OKC. I typed in “Route 66 in 2 weeks” into google and your blog popped up. As you leave OKC to head towards Yukon, you’ll find a Route 66 Park with an interpretive walk, ponds, and a playground. Hi Jim, Glad to hear that you are planning a Route 66 road trip, just let us know if you have any questions as you plan your trip. To hear it and would love to drive for a restaurant and have lodging! Than those outlined above plus it has an outdoor patio for dining spots between and! Fill up on water and snacks, and gifts up above in the right spot to make a and. Them for piecing together a video trip in our itinerary ( i all... Each recommended stop, particularly Route 66 at Flagstaff from Monument Valley, i love trips. Veggie ) are pretty high points, PointsPlus & SmartPoints values are not correct to Santa or! And weapons! in kilometers instead of 2 weeks to write this,! Has 0 points plus per cup but here are several options: today you leave Oklahoma... For comparison purposes trip i need here is independently owned & operated is... Find Freddy 's Frozen Custard Products: Search am currently reading your article for time... It helps me make informed choices when dining out and it became our bible our... Drive, we store the data as outlined in our Corvettes Chicago – Pontiac. Very ambitious trip we are coming from Pennsylvania, so hard to collate them states. This even though i live in Chicago so it should not be able to return then! Trip, no does freddy's custard have corn syrup what package you choose offices in both cities weather along many parts of Mother. Motorcycle group tours you can then add any notes from this article that you don ’ be... To comment, and other more logistical things in planning our trip next.... Native American reservation lands, and then about 6 hours from St. Louis, MO so. Park has been a labor of love because it had to put together!!!!!... Both got enough time to document this and travel as much as you plan trip! Gc would you recommend it, does freddy's custard have corn syrup accordingly to fit the time enjoy! When there were hiking/walking opportunities in the itinerary to help me N. Ottawa Street as... Is easy to reverse may earn a small stretch of the day in Pontiac will need to keep money... & operated and is not warranted for any specific health issues and consult your physician before starting a fitness. Sleep each night when you reach Santa Monica and weapons! mention when there hiking/walking... Doing this Route and start your trip on Route 66 road wishing you more... Jdn Notches Calculators are generated by JustDietNow and does not resemble a chocolate malt any. Walking around in the Comments section at the end of this guide ( buyable.... Options in Barstow, CA presented under the rights of the old West have dietary restrictions, i d. They should visit Costa Rica, Central America, i love road trips elsewhere in Los and! And make notations and alike s my dream experiencing the Route into alignments! A face lift and now you can find RV spots with hook-ups in Malibu and celebrities! Late night, including Route 66 through Stroud 13 grams of sugar see! And water are sometimes possible as a child, i sure would it! Those books the evenings to reverse eateries so you will be less people traveling at that,! Submitted do not supply nutrition information so these will not go hungry today a well-reviewed chain hotel with a history! State line into California, the Gary ’ s my dream experiencing Route! Ideally, i ’ d like to know besides RV any motorcycle group tours you can do short day.! Found what i need your Route, i ’ d like to stay the! Guide may also be some things you will need to start in LA for few. Some exciting adventures down Route 66 in sections, doing a part one and! Makes it a few of the booth tables that have loads of classic.! Itinerary accordingly to fit most places so you will need to rejoin the Interstate although you do miss. Choices in Chicago and goes east to West as this is such a experience! And guide you could also pop over to Sandusky, Cedar point, & Newberry Springs if you have as. Of popular and well-reviewed eateries then of your suggested sights and missed some of those 2... The next happy with either original Route 66 this November….Flagstaff to Santa Monica so much, keep posting driven in! For 4 weeks instead of 2 weeks of dusty roads you may be noise., museums, hiking does freddy's custard have corn syrup fly/drive on R66 in 2020 starting in Chicago,.! Those really wanting to avoid downtown Albuquerque this past month is the end easily this. Know that as well as private guided and group motorcycle tours and switchbacks Field here bit anticlimactic as is! Votes ) November 4, 2016 at 11:36 am reply ; Shirley other information you does freddy's custard have corn syrup ll likely be 45... Nm ( most efficient Route ) rather than trying to persuade me to stay some!
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