Lift suspension kits are a group of several elements that keeps your auto motive’s down part far from rough surface decently. Yes, It's Tony behind the screen making the site awesome and helpful for every car owners and mechanics. You will pay somewhere between $100 and $450 for a transmission cooler line replacement. Rather than jacks, if you sue ramp then it would be a perfect match. Rubber transmission lines are great for adding in an external cooler, or for a temporary fix on a leaving metal line. For that, you want to buy a wrench, flat screwdriver, and floor jacks from the closest market. Now, you want to detach the pan that is set on the transmission cooler lines. We... F150 4 Inch Lift Vs 6 Inch Lift - How Much Lift Up Your Vehicle Needs. the clasp that holds the transmission line set up. Transporting the fluid back and forth to an external or radiator-integrated cooler. And to help you with that we are going to talk about the entire process of how to replace transmission cooler lines on Silverado. How to Replace the Transmission Lines in a Chevy Cavalier Raise the front of your Cavalier off the ground, using a jack, and place a pair of jack stands under the frame to support the Cavalier. Go to the next process. After that you have done putting on your gloves, move to the next step. The next thing you want to do is to put on a bucket under your truck where the cooler lines located so that you can avoid the fluid later. These lines are made up of rubber hose & aluminium metals. Here I am working with my dedicated team to research and crafting all of the contents. Our local wrecking yard in 27 Edith St, Coopers Plains, Queensland. Here's a photo. Even though my truck is coated with fluid film or Woolwax before winter every year, battling rust in NE Ohio is a never ending battle. There are two major roles of fluid in Keep on Reading! transmission lines. After that, you want to take out the transmission cooler lines from both sides of the transmission. The lines then run along the side of the transmission, along the side of the engine oil pan, to the bottom tank of the radiator (or external cooler, if the truck had an external cooler installed). You love to ride with your vehicle, right? Remove the Transmission Cooler Lines– Now it’s time to remove the old transmission cooler lines. So, make sure you consider the safety part seriously as well. You will require a wrench to do this. Then, go for the other side of cooler lines that are attached to the transmission. Oh, if you set your mind to know more about us or have any suggestion, please contact us. the transmission of the vehicle such as-. The below transmission cooler installation diagram shows the transmission fluid flow direction and how the fluid will be routed through a new external cooler. Make sure you are using 2-floor jacks for lifting rightly. Now spray the joint with brake cleaner in order That's what he told me he removed. After that, use your bought flat screwdriver to remove the pan gasket that is attached to the cooler lines. Just a word of caustion. Disconnect the transmission cooler lines at the transmission and again drain the fluid into a drain pan. The QLD Auto Parts is the group of dismantlers with the vision of improving and expanding used auto parts marked Australia wide. To finish all the processes, you want to lift down your Silverado truck by detaching the floor jack. Make sure to keep this in mind which end was Usually, it overheats the transmission and the vehicle Just tighten it is all. If these cooling lines are not The transmission cooler is a heat exchanger that allows heat in the transmission flud to be trans- ferred to the air passing over the cooler fins. cooling lines is to raise your vehicle ensuring that you are familiar with what We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. Yes the transmission doesn't have a dipstick to fill/ check. The transmission lines as well as the brake lines are just regular steel. These two lines can be accessed either from underneath the hood or underneath the vehicle. the transmission line. Further, the vehicle stops and becomes Don’t let your transmission line burn from overheating and transmission cooler lines. Aug 23, 2011 | 1996 Dodge Dakota Done lifting up your truck? Get the massive inventory of used auto spare parts and accessories. As you have using the transmission cooler lines when driving your Silverado that may result in some fluid to come out when replacing. Remove the transmission cooler lines and replace … Don’t ever compromise with this!! Transmission Oil Cooler Assembly by Replace®. Rubber transmission lines are readily available and are the cheapest option for transmission cooler lines. BUMMER! The oil cooler and oil cooler hose are an important part of keeping the oil and transmission fluid of a car cooled down. I jumped from the trans to the frame rail with flex line because of the close fit of the trans tunnel to the transmission. After detaching the one side, make sure you have taken out the cooler lines from the transmission. In the end, don’t forget to cross-check will not be able to switch gears. Position an oil drain pan under the radiator where the transmission lines meet the radiator. Thus, you should replace the cooler lines as you In my case (2001, E39, 540i) I replaced the O-ring at the junction of the cooler line with the radiator. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It must be disconnected before you can loosen the line nut on each side of the cooler. Light-duty and powerful pick-up trucks from Silverado has their own reputation for bringing much more usability on the user side rather than concerns for maintenance or repairs. After detaching them, take them in a secure place. And if you don’t put the bucket under the cooler lines, it will result in fluid contact with your truck’s other parts. You want to do the same process to detach by using the wrench. The transmission cooler line is the most significant part of your vehicle similar to the engine. I now have 70 000km and one is leaking again at the crimp. You see, there are some tools that you want them to be right beside you when doing all the processes. NO - I didn't apply too much pressure. undrivable. Then, use the wrench to tighten them rightly. Then shop at 1A Auto for aftermarket Transmission Oil Coolers, Transmission Oil Cooler Lines, and Transmission Oil Cooler Hose replacements, at great prices. The cooler lines do two tasks: Carrying the transmission fluid to and from the transmission. Too easy? connected to the radiator and which one went to the transmission. Make sure the bucket you have placed under the cooler lines is on the same place when detaching the pan. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your unique location.